Saving Puffing Billy

Saving Puffing Billy is a fascinating story of public sentiment for the railway giving rise to the formation of the Puffing Billy Preservation Society in 1955 and the saga of rescuing the line from imminent scrapping; the restoration phase; the re-openings to Menzies Creek in 1962 and to Emerald in 1965 - all within the Society's ‘First Decade 1955-1965'.

Edited by former Young Sun editor and renowned author, David Burke, this book of 200+ pages is based on extensive research and writing by PBPS member Bill Russell, enhanced by ‘human interest' interviews with a representative number of long-standing Society members. Well illustrated with 300+ photos and other graphics items, most of them in colour, the book is being produced as a high quality, hardcover work that will be a ‘must' for anyone who has an interest in Puffing Billy, historic railways and their preservation generally.


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Saving Puffing Billy book launch

Saving Puffing Billy was launched on 2 August 2015, in conjunction with celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Puffing Billy’s reopening to Emerald township in 1965.

Bill Russell, Jeff Goodwin and John Thompson checks out Saving Puffing Billy at the book launch in Emerald on Sunday 2 August 2015. Photo by Michael Greenhill

Many people contributed to the success of the book by researching the facts and figures of history and telling their personal stories. It was wonderful that many of them were able to attend the book launch! Photo by Madeline Park