Puffing Billy Railway is committed to offering an enjoyable experience for everyone and has a range of accessible facilities available for our passengers.

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our visitors.

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    Reduced Mobility

    Please note that between the platform and the carriage there is a gap which will require passengers to step up/step down when boarding or alighting the train. We require advice of any reduced mobility issues prior to travelling so we can appropriately accommodate your needs and booking. There are accessible carriages where a ramp can be used to assist passengers with mobility issues. To pre-book these carriages, please contact our customer service centre via email info@pbr.org.au or phone 03 9757 0700.



    If you are travelling in a wheelchair, there are limited wheelchair spaces available onboard our heritage carriages. Please call our Customer Service Centre between 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday prior to travelling so that we can assist you in accommodating your needs.


    Car Parking and Arrival

    Belgrave Station

    There are two designated disabled car spaces at Gate 3 at Belgrave Station in Old Monbulk Road, Belgrave. From there, access to the station platform is via a ramp (the bottom of the "zig-zag path"). Wheelchair assisted persons should please note that this ramp is steep. If you require further assistance getting from here to the platform, please contact us on 9757 0700 or 9757 0721.

    Lakeside Station

    There are three designated disabled car spaces located at the carpark adjacent to Lakeside Station. Wheelchair assisted persons should please note that one part of carpark is steep, therefore we recommend assistance. Parking is free for disability permit holders. Emerald Lake Park features many wheelchair and pram friendly paths, as well as ramps in most locations.


    Main Entrances and Booking Offices

    Pathways to Belgrave, Lakeside and Gembrook stations are all wheelchair accessible.

    To assist passengers with reduced mobility and to avoid our steep pathway entrance to Belgrave Station, passengers may be dropped off at Gate 4 which is in front of our Belgrave Station building in Old Monbulk Road. The area from the station to the platform is on one level.


    Boarding and travelling onboard the train

    Our station platforms are not at the same height as our carriage doors, however, ramps are available to provide easy wheelchair access on many of our Excursion Trains. Please see one of our friendly volunteers on the day of travel for assistance. The wheelchair ramp width is 75cm.


    Accessible Toilets

    Toilets with wheelchair access are located at Belgrave, Lakeside, the Lakeside Visitor Centre, and Gembrook stations. There are no toilets on board our heritage carriages.

    Assistance Dogs

    Puffing Billy Railway welcomes visitors who use assistance dogs certified by a registered authority. Assistance dogs must be restrained by a harness or leash at all times.
    Please note: Assistance dogs are the only dogs allowed aboard Puffing Billy Railway.

    Assistance Dogs

    Companion Card Holders

    Excursion Train

    Companions travel FOC onboard Excursion Trains and their client (who holds an Australian Government issued concession/health care card) pays a concession fare.

    Companion card must be presented at the Booking Office on the day of travel.

    Luncheon Train

    Companions get 50% regular fare off lunch trains to cover the food costs and their client (who holds an Australian Government issued concession/health care card) pays a concession fare.

    Companion Card

    Families with Children


    Only folding or narrow prams can travel on Puffing Billy because of our heritage carriage doors.


    Baby Change Facilities

    Baby change facilities are available at all stations.

    A microwave is available in the baby change room at Belgrave station. Alternatively, please approach the volunteers in the refreshment rooms at one of our stations, and they will be able to assist.

    Contact us

    Phone: (03) 9757 0700 (+61 3 9757 0700 intl)

    Email: info@pbr.org.au