Emerald Tourist Railway Board

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The Emerald Tourist Railway Act 1977 (No 9020) established the Emerald Tourist Railway Board (ETRB) with responsibility for the "preservation, development, promotion and maintenance of the narrow gauge steam railway (known as Puffing Billy) and for the operation management and control of the service thereon for public recreational purposes."

The ETRB consists of four members nominated by the Puffing Billy Preservation Society (PBPS), one nominated by the Minister of Transport, and other members appointed by the Government. The ETR Act is administered by the Tourism Ministry.

Before 1977, the Victorian Railways ran Puffing Billy with the assistance of the Puffing Billy Preservation Society.

While the Board owns and controls all Puffing Billy assets and is the policy-making authority, a Management Committee has been established to run the day-to-day operation of the railway. In addition, the Puffing Billy Preservation Society has an elected Executive Committee.

ETRB BY-LAWS: Download a copy of the ETRB By-Law No. 2.

ETRB 2017 ANNUAL REPORT: Download a copy

Emerald Tourist Railway Board 2017 2018

Emerald Tourist Railway Board 2017 - 2018

Bob Cochrane (Chairman)

Jacquie Prentice (Deputy Chairman)

Ray Leivers

Russell Bowen

Jeff Goodwin

Jean Clowes

David Eaton

Adrian Ponton

Doug Parbery (Secretary)

John Robinson (CEO)

Puffing Billy Preservation Society

The Puffing Billy Preservation Society (PBPS) is incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee (ACN 004 621 505) (ABN 79 004 621 505) and has a membership in the order of 1,000. It was first established on 8 June 1955.

As a Society Member, you play an important part in the moral and financial support to the continued preservation and restoration of the Puffing Billy Railway-Australia's Premier Heritage Steam Railway. Also, you have the opportunity to contribute to policy making through voting for the Executive or standing for office.


Upon formation of the Emerald Tourist Railway Board (E.T.R.B.) in 1977, the P.B.P.S. Executive Committee (with additional co-opted members) continued as manager of the Railway, and roles previously reserved for V.R. staff (e.g. safe working & rolling stock maintenance) became available to volunteers.

With the growth of railway activity and of paid staff numbers, the E.T.R.B. established a separate management committee but with continued strong Society representation.

Today, the E.T.R.B. comprises eight members, four of whom are nominees of the P.B.P.S. Executive Committee, the balance being Government appointees.


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2017 PBPS Annual Report

Download the 2017 PBPS Annual Report.


Puffing Billy Preservation Society Constitution 2012

View a copy of the Puffing Billy Preservation Society Constitution 2012.

Puffing Billy Preservation Society Executive Committee 2017 2018

Puffing Billy Preservation Society Executive Committee 2017-2018

Jeff Goodwin (President and nominee to ETRB)

Jean Clowes (Vice President & nominee to ETRB)

Tim Heeks (Secretary)

John Robinson (Treasurer)

Bob Cochrane (nominee to ETRB)

Russ Bowen (nominee to ETRB)

Ray Leivers

Ben van der Linde

Kevin Stanes

Roy Richens

Neil Kingswood

Reed Nickerson