In partnership with award-winning photographic artist and Guys Hill local, Karen Alsop, Puffing Billy Railway is pleased to introduce Animal Tales to the Lakeside Visitor Centre; a three-part animal-focused photographic series that juxtaposes human characteristics, behaviours, or situations with the faces of real-life native animals. 

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    DAILY | 9 am - 4 pm




    Lakeside Visitor Centre, Emerald Lake Park

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10 Kanga With Camera Flat

Karen Alsop's Animal Tales exhibition is an exciting and captivating collection of photographic art pieces that showcase anthropomorphic local wildlife in unexpected humanlike places. Along with her Australian Animal collections, Karen also has on show her ever-popular Animal Puns series, which offers an interactive adventure for viewers who are challenged to find the idioms represented in each artwork.

The latest addition to Karen's Animal Pun series is "Straya," a panoramic wonderland set at Menzie Creek Station, Puffing Billy, that incorporates 50 Australian sayings into the piece. Karen has cleverly incorporated Aussie slang visually into a storytelling piece, including sayings such as "Madder than a cut snake" and "Tickets on yourself," among many others.

This visual feast of imagery is enhanced by Karen's interactive approach. Visitors can scan a QR code and view the artwork in 3D with sound and animation on their devices, adding an additional layer to the experience. Art lovers can even take the experience home by purchasing one of Karen's printed artworks and impressing their friends with the interactive augmented reality features.

"Elephant in the Room"
"Elephant in the Room"
6 Homeless Joey Final

About the Artist - Karen Alsop

Karen Alsop is an award-winning photographic artist based at the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges in Guys Hill. Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and take the viewer into another world.

Specialising in Commercial Portrait Art, her digital portraiture communicates thought-provoking stories. Karen uses the power of Photoshop to composite multiple captures together, making the impossible possible within her art.

Order your very own piece – whether it be a portrait personally delivered by Karen, or the merchandise available in the Lakeside Visitor Centre gift shop – to take home and admire forever! 

For more information or to place a portrait order, visit