Puffing Billy Railway (ABN: 99 299 638 143) operates within the Puffing Billy Railway Act 2022. This Act notes that the organisation operates on a Not for Profit basis, as we share our world-renowned community-based heritage rail experience.

Donations are to the Puffing Billy Railway Museum Project – defined as the entire Puffing Billy Railway Corridor and noting Puffing Billy Railway's role as a living preserved museum.  This allows us to maintain an Australian Government Deductible Gift Status, and provide you with Australia Tax Deduction for your donation.

All funds donated are retained in our Puffing Billy Railway Museum Project Reserve Fund and used solely for the “Preservation and Restoration of Puffing Billy Railway”. This fund is the only fund dedicated solely to the preservation and restoration of Puffing Billy Railway. No Funds donated are used for our corporate or operational costs.

Please Note – The Puffing Billy Preservation Society is a separate organisation.

Make a donation

Please use our online Puffing Billy Railway Donation Form to make a cash contribution. Your donation will be dedicated to the Puffing Billy Railway Museum Project Reserve Fund and contribute to future priority projects of the Railway. These may include items such as Puffing Billy Railway rolling stock, locomotives, buildings, and environmental and museum projects.  All projects contribute to future preservation, allowing future generations to enjoy the Puffing Billy Railway experience.

If you wish to discuss your donation or any other form of ongoing support, please contact us at info@pbr.org.au

Once the donation is made, a receipt will be sent to you.

Please Note – Donations are not used for any other railways or heritage projects apart from those that support Puffing Billy Railway.

Donate an object

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