Step into a timeless world of wonder with Australia’s favourite steam train, Puffing Billy, located in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges and only one-hour east of Melbourne. Whether it’s energetic adventure, a touch of nostalgia or cultural experiences, there is something for everyone at Puffing Billy Railway.

Step back in time as you enjoy an authentic heritage steam train experience. Travel through the magnificent Dandenong Ranges on board our Excursion Train journey, with fern gullies brushing past and Mountain Ash trees towering overhead.

Daily Excursion Trains


General excursion trains operate daily, with Belgrave to Lakeside journeys available every day and Belgrave to Menzies Creek, Belgrave to Gembrook, and Lakeside to Gembrook journeys available on the weekends.

Something to consider

You will be travelling on board a century old steam train that uses coal to fuel the fire and get the locomotive moving! This coal turns into soot and smut and occasionally when sitting in our open carriages can travel through the air and land on your lap or sometimes in your eyes. We want you to enjoy a scenic ride through the magnificent Dandenong Ranges, so please consider this part of the experience before embarking on your journey. To best avoid the soot and marvel at Puffing Billy’s steam, passengers can bring along a pair of sunglasses or, if preferred, goggles, or bring along a hat.

Belgrave to Lakeside return

1 hour each way
Allow 4 hours

Explore the state-of-the-art Lakeside Visitor Centre and Emerald Lake Park with a range of walking tracks.

Lakeside to Gembrook return

45 mins each way
Allow 3 hours

Explore the Lakeside Visitor Centre and Emerald Lake Park before boarding the train to Gembrook township, home to a selection of eateries and a lovely playground. 

Belgrave to Gembrook return

1 hr 50 mins each way
Allow 6 hours

Travel the Puffing Billy Railway line in its entirety! At your destination, you will find Gembrook Township with a selection of eateries along with a lovely playground adjacent to the station. 

Belgrave to Menzies Creek return

25 mins each way
Allow 2 hours

Explore Menzies Creek Museum.

Other experiences

Education Programs

Range from Early Years, Foundation to Year 11 VCE and incorporate multiple learning activities with a focus on exploration of history through the lens of STEM, sustainability, cultural connection, tourism, design and technology.

COG Bikes Australia Bike Hire

Hire a bike from Puffing Billy Railway's Lakeside Station and explore Emerald Lake Park precinct from a new perspective.

Dog Express

50 mins each way
Allow 3 hrs 

Passengers and their four-legged family members can travel on a special Lakeside to Gembrook service.

Menzies Creek Museum


The new historic museum covers a space of 1160 square metres and houses over 80 exhibits.