1694 All Geared Up

Following a major rebuild, Climax locomotive No. 1694 was returned to service on 8th September 2013, the 85th anniversary of its first entry into service on the Tyers Valley timber tramway, near Erica, Victoria. No. 1694 is one of only 19 Climax geared locomotives which survive worldwide and is unique in being the only one built to 2ft 6in (762mm) gauge.

The Tyers Valley tramway closed in 1949 and the locomotive was stored at Erica until it was transferred to Puffing Billy Railway's Menzies Creek museum for static display in 1965. In the 1980's, Puffing Billy Railway volunteers began its first restoration, which was completed in 1988. The locomotive was in operation until 2001, when it was noted that the boiler and other components needed a major overhaul.

In this commemorative DVD, the Puffing Billy Preservation Society tells the comprehensive story of this unique 2ft 6in geared locomotive, through:

  • Historic film of the Climax at work on the Tyers Valley tramway.
  • Archival film of the Climax in service in 1988.
  • The last run of the Climax in April 2001.
  • Interviews with staff and volunteers who worked on the locomotive during both overhauls.
  • Scenes of the Climax hauling test trains and on the launch days in September 2013.

Since arriving at the Puffing Billy Railway in the 1960's, the Climax has become a unique addition to the railway's operating fleet.

With a running time of approximately 95 minutes, this DVD is a must for anyone who is interested in the history of this unique, 2ft 6in gauge, geared locomotive.

For more details and to purchase this DVD, please contact the Puffing Billy Preservation Society at publications@pbps.org.au.