Your journey starts at Belgrave station, the headquarters of the Railway. The station is only a short walk from Belgrave Township which has an abundance of shopping and dining options.

Setting out from Belgrave, Puffing Billy passes the southern reaches of the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest, a superb example of rainforest noted for its native 'Mountain Ash' trees, a form of eucalypt and the tallest flowering plant in the world.

Within minutes you will travel over Puffing Billy's most famous landmark - the iconic Trestle Bridge. Make sure you have your camera ready!

Experience the time-honoured tradition of sitting on the carriage sill – a true thrill for young and old! 

20180120 1 Sitting On Sills By Dean Gifford

After a leisurely 25-minute journey you will arrive at Menzies Creek station, where you can explore Puffing Billy's rich history at the Menzies Creek Museum.

The museum covers a space of 1160 square metres and houses over 80 exhibits, including rare operational steam and diesel locomotives, carriages and a rail tractor, as well as an operational boiler house that services steam engines, fluid pumps and 500 brake horsepower generators.

Puffing Billy Barista At Menzies Creek Museum Cafe
Puffing Billy Barista At Menzies Creek Museum Cafe

Adding to the atmosphere, the museum also contains a themed children’s play area and the Little Toot Café with plenty of hot and cold beverages and sweet and savoury food items available to enjoy.

Afterwards, your journey back to Belgrave finishes off a day full of shared memories.

  • Belgrave to Menzies Creek

    Journey time | 25 mins

  • Time at Menzies Creek

    1 hour | Visit the Museum, have morning tea

  • Menzies Creek to Belgrave

    Journey time | 25 mins

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