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The Signalman is responsible for managing the movement of trains on the railway through the control of points and signals from a Signal box or Ground Frame. They may also undertake Safe Working at their location and communicate with other Signalmen and Station Masters to ensure the smooth running of trains.

The Guard:

  • Works in conjunction with the Train Driver and other safeworkers to ensure the safe operation of trains
  • Performs various safeworking procedures, operates signals, points and other safeworking equipment, shunts, couples and stables rolling stock.
  • Completes all documentation for train running and fault reporting as may be required
  • Is responsible for the welfare of train passengers, ensuring that all doors are secure before departure or shunting and for maintaining vigilance during travel to any situation that may need action.
  • Coordinates with passenger services workers to ensure passenger safety and enjoyment

Please note that being a Guard and Signalman is a role that requires lots of experience, practical work, and tests. Puffing Billy Railway will support you as you work towards these goals – for more information please don’t hesitate to contact volunteering@pbr.org.au

Take a look below to find the path our volunteers take over a number of years to become qualified to operate Puffing Billy Railway's iconic steam locomotives!








Find out more about volunteering as an Engine Cleaner, one of the roles you can undertake on your way to become a Guard / Signalman.

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