I am going with my family/friends/guardians to Puffing Billy Railway to ride the train.

It is a place where I can see trains, ride on them, and learn all about their history, mechanics and the people that work with them.

There will be other visitors at the stations and on the train that I need to share the space with.


Most visitors board Puffing Billy at Belgrave Station.

We will walk from the car/ train to Belgrave Station and my guardian will go up to the Booking Office window to sign in for the day. We will receive a carriage allocation.

There may be trains moving on the train line and sounding their horn. This is to keep them safe from each other. I will be safe too.

There may be other people and schools arriving at the same time, so it is important I stay with my guardians.

Getting Ticket From Volunteer At Booking Office

There may be loud and unusual noises around the stations. These are the trains on Puffing Billy Railway. These noises keep people and the trains safe. I will be safe too.

I must stay back from the train tracks and behind the yellow line. I must not touch the Locomotive as it may be hot.

I must not touch the train while it is moving.

We will visit the toilets at Belgrave Station because there are no toilets on the train.

We may visit the shop and café at Belgrave Station. I must remember not to touch anything unless I am allowed.

Locomotive 7A

There are lots of staff and volunteers at Puffing Billy Railway who are there to help me and answer my questions. If I get lost from my group, I can ask them for help. If I feel unsafe I can also ask them for help.

They may be wearing all different types of clothing, even olden day clothes. They will have a special logo on their clothing. They might have a radio to talk to other people.

I might meet a Train Driver and a Train Guard.

We might meet a Conductor who will welcome us to Puffing Billy Railway.


We will board the train at Belgrave Station. On the train I will sit with my guardians, and we will travel for approximately 50 minutes to Lakeside Station.

The train might be loud and bumpy, it cannot hurt me. I will be safe if I stay seated with my family / friends / guardians.

I must keep my arms, legs and body inside the train at all times unless told otherwise. I may be given a special wristband that allows me to sit on the carriage sills.

We cannot stop at each interesting thing we see but can look through the windows of the train.


I might see animals living in the trees, on the ground and around the train.

I might see bridges, creeks and rivers that run along and underneath the train.

While traveling on the train I might see lots of plants, trees and big ferns that are important for the animals and forest.

It is important that I look at these things through the window of the train and stay seated with my Guardians. It is important that I listen to my Guardians’ directions and stay with the group. 

Puffing Billy Railway - family onboard carriage

Once we reach Lakeside Station, we will get off the train. We must watch our step when getting on and off the train. We can also hold the rail.

We might see some Conductors again at Lakeside Station. We may even here the Station Master making announcements. It is important we listen to the announcements and our Guardians’ directions and stay with the group when at the station. 

Puffing Billy Girl Stepping Off Carriage At Lakeside Station

I might visit a Museum inside the Lakeside Visitor Centre that tells me all about Puffing Billy Railway. I may visit a shop at the Visitors Centre. I must remember not to touch anything unless I am allowed.

I might have lunch at the Lakeside Café in the Visitor Centre. Many other people may be eating lunch too. It might be loud. I must stay with my group during lunch.

There are also areas around the Visitor Centre where I can explore.

I need to walk on the paths to stay safe around the train.

Lakeside Visitor Centre's Railway Cafe, with accessible walkways throughout the centre.

There may be videos showing on big screens at the Visitor Centre. This video may have loud noises and whistles.

If I feel uncomfortable, I can tell my Guardians with me, and we can leave the room.


There are areas at Lakeside that are big and bright and areas that are dark. This is to keep the trains safe from the outside. It is safe for me too.

If I feel uncomfortable, I can tell my Guardians with me, and we can leave the space. 

Emerald Lake Park

I may have lunch at Emerald Lake Park. I may even get to play on the playground and explore the park. It is important I stay with my group while outside.

In Emerald Lake Park there are bridges, waterways and pools I need to be careful of. I must listen to my guardians while moving around this park.

We may see some wild birds in the park. I must remember not chase them or feed them, just watch them quietly.

Puffing Billy family at locomotive

I might drive in my car or go on the train to visit the Menzies Creek Museum.

This is a special place full of things to help the train. I might get to touch some special things to help me learn about Puffing Billy Railway.

If another visitors is holding something I will wait for my turn. If I do get to hold something I will be careful.

Young Boy Standing Under Menzies Creek Sign


  • Stay with my guardians and group
  • Listen to my guardians
  • Walk and not run
  • Speak with my quiet voice, even though it may be loud and noisy. There will be whistle sounds at every crossing
  • Wait patiently when I have to line up
  • Only touch and climb on things that my guardian says I am allowed to
  • Listen carefully when an adult is talking to me
  • Stand back from the train tracks and do not cross them unless an adult is with you
  • Keep my hands, arms, legs and body back behind the line on the station, away from the train tracks
  • When we are on the train, no legs or arms are to be outside the carriage, unless told otherwise
  • There are no windows on the train, so it is very cold. Soot can come in  but I will be safe
  • We want you to feel safe during your time here, so if something makes you uncomfortable or unsafe, please speak to your guardians or someone in a Puffing Billy uniform
  • Your feedback is important to us please tell a staff member or volunteer if you have had an amazing time at the Railway and they may be able to pass it on!

I am excited for my trip to Puffing Billy Railway!