An icon of the industrial revolution and pioneer of modern transport, the steam locomotive has a long and colourful history stretching back to the early 18th century, a history that has given the world many of the technological advances we continue to benefit from today.

For Puffing Billy Railway, operating and maintaining locomotives and rolling stock from all periods of its 120-year history has been integral to the preservation of traditional practices and machinery, which would otherwise have faded from the modern world.

In a continued effort to conserve, educate and demonstrate the cultural significance of steam power, the railway’s Rolling Stock Branch have launched a series of external engineering services for the Tourist and Heritage Railway sector.

As the second steam railway in the world to be preserved, Puffing Billy Railway continues to build on experience spanning more than five decades. With a dedicated team of tradesmen from a variety of backgrounds in industry, the Rolling Stock Branch combines traditional practices with ongoing innovation to care for historic assets in a contemporary environment.

“This is an exciting development for the railway and a great opportunity to work alongside similar organisations, utilising both our engineering capability and our specialist skills in heritage locomotive and rolling stock maintenance,” said Peter Essig, Engineering Manager at Puffing Billy Railway.

From design, construction and fabrication at the Belgrave Locomotive Workshop, to maintenance, repairs and restoration at the Emerald Carriage and Wagon Workshop, Puffing Billy Railway’s Rolling Stock Branch have the skills, equipment and opportunity to assist other tourist and heritage organisations keep the tradition of historic rail travel alive.

“Many locomotives and carriages around the world are preserved in operating condition, serving as a testament to engineering craftsmanship from a bygone era. We are incredibly proud and privileged to play a part in the continuation of those traditional skills for the enjoyment of current and future generations,” said Peter.

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