Join an Education Officer live from the comfort of your own classroom and connect with nature on an adventure through the magnificent forests of the Dandenong Ranges. Using the power of STEM based inquiry, join our education officers on Puffing Billy to examine and explore the past and present design and technology systems of the railway. Students think critically, explore ideas, and gather information. Using online videos, student workbooks and learning resources, students explore data, innovative ideas, use design theory and suggest design solutions that contribute positively to meet community needs for a sustainable future.


During their virtual visit!

With the guidance of a Puffing Billy Railway Education Officer students will engage in online content and be immersed amongst wildlife and habitats on their journey through the Dandenong Ranges. Students will learn valuable observation and classification skills to determine various technologies and energy sources used by the Railway throughout its history. By understanding tools, materials, engineering systems and the costs that are required by the railway they will investigate ways to create a train that is sustainable for the future. They will investigate challenges to the railway over time and the importance and historical significance of people and volunteers to the Railway. Using design theory students will develop innovative systems to evolve the Railway in the future. Using post visit resources students are encouraged to undertake experiments to investigate the creation of steam, the importance and use of tools and STEM for the railway in the past, present and future, the challenges faced when upgrading the visitors centre and reflect upon the effect that the railway has on the natural habitat and biodiversity.

Curriculum links

Curriculum Resources

Puffing Billy Railway offers a range of pre and post excursion curriculum-linked resources to support teaching and learning in the classroom and at home. All resources are based around the topics of Energy, Force and Motion, Past and Present, Design and Technology and Biodiversity.


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