Our Vision

"To excel in our presentation of a heritage railway experience, which captures both the natural beauty and rich social history of Victoria's Dandenong Ranges."


Our Mission

To restore and operate the Puffing Billy Railway as Australia’s premier heritage steam railway, in a safe efficient and economically sustainable manner, for the ongoing education, benefit and satisfaction of the community, customers and the Railway stakeholders, including members, staff and volunteers.


Our Strategic Plan

Puffing Billy Railway's four-year Strategic Plan 2019-2023 is now available for viewing here. The four-year plan is taken from earlier work our predecessors undertook on the Masterplan, broadened to encompass all other fundamental factors.

Input was taken from the fantastic response volunteers gave from December 2018 to January 2019, a series of workshops with senior management and formal Board reviews. The plan encompasses everything from preserving the cultural and heritage rail significance, through to safety and support for our most valued asset, our people, more work nurturing our environment and actions like partnerships to ensure a sustainable future for the business.

The Railway's ongoing success is considered to be a product of the following eight key strategic elements. These key elements are listed below:

Safety - Promote a Safety Culture, Railway Safety Mangement.

Finance - Oversee financial and risk management, Financial Sustainability.

Environmental Management - Manage Stakeholder and Community Partnerships, Environmental Plans and Measures.

Operational Capabilities - Deliver plans for business on time and on budget.

Customer Satisfaction - Expand & Strengthen the Puffing Billy Railway Customer experience.

Heritage Integrity - Promote, Preserve & Maintain a Heritage Railway & the Rail Corridor.

Organisational Culture - Volunteers and Staff, Succession Planning, Governance, Culture and Change Management.

Tourism Contribution - Community, Neighbour & Stakeholder Partnerships.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Financial Management Act 1994 and the Audit Act 1994, the Board presents its Annual Report in respect of the year ending 30 June 2017. The report is prepared in accordance with all Victoria legislation.

To view the PDF of Puffing Billy Railway's four-year Strategic Plan 2019-2023, please click here.