Jean & David Clowes

Jean Clowes


Jean’s son David has always had a love of trains. Jean would often take David down to Lakeside station so that he could see Puffing Billy chuff past. During their frequent trips to Lakeside, Jean noticed that the kiosk at the park remained unopened and decided to enquire about volunteering to run it. From then on, during school holidays, she and her three children would volunteer at the kiosk, serving visitors to Emerald Lake Park and passengers on Puffing Billy. Jean decided to become more involved with her volunteer work for Puffing Billy and began training in her spare time to become a fireman. She has been a volunteer for more than three decades, with over 20 years as a qualified fireman.


Combining his love of trains and his mother’s ongoing work with the Railway, David was destined to become a member of the Puffing Billy team. Beginning his journey at a young age with the Railway helping his mother at the Lakeside Station Kiosk during school holidays, David has now been a volunteer for 20 years. David has volunteered in many roles across the railway, including as a Guard, Signalman, and an Engine Driver. When David qualified as a driver, he and his mother Jean drove the train together, he as driver, and she as the firemen, as a special Mother’s Day ride. It was an incredibly special occasion. David’s passion and love of trains has never ceased. He completed his tertiary studies and became a fully qualified Mechanical Engineer. David and Jean are still active volunteers at the railway, alongside all their other contributions.

David Clowes
Jean & David Clowes
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