Lakeside Paddleboats

Lakeside Paddleboats are located within the picturesque Emerald Lake Park and operate on the safe waters of Emerald Lake (also known as Lake Treganowan). The iconic vintage Paddleboats have been lovingly restored and cater for 1-2 riders (per boat) with choices of ride time available. Experience a close encounter as you navigate your way amongst our resident wildlife, including Ducks, Purple Swamp Hens, Eurasian Cootes, Dusky Moorhens, Kookaburras, Echidnas, black Wallabies and Rosella's; just to name a few!
Whether you float aimlessly or paddle with purpose, enjoy the myriad of colours that the park offers as the seasons change.
Family owned and operated.
The experience that's better than ever!

EMERALD LAKE PARK | Emerald Lake Road

Closest Puffing Billy station: LAKESIDE