It has been some time since we have had time to update you, and there has been a lot of action on our South African Garratt since last time, so without further ado, here’s the latest progress:

  • Apart from a small amount of plumbing, the Westinghouse air brake system has been completed, tested, and is now operational.
  • The auto-couplers have been completed and fitted, along with uncoupling levers and brake pipe cocks and air hoses.

  • The headstocks have received their first coat of red paint.

  • The ashpan has been fabricated and mounted to the foundation ring, along with the rocking grate linkage. Cast bottom slides have been delivered, with damper doors, ash arrestors and flush pipework to be completed.

  • The drifting valve, pipework and operating linkage is complete and fitted.

  • Most of the fixed oil and grease lines have been run and brackets made; flexible hoses to be ordered.

  • 4-Feed grease points for all axleboxes have been fitted, and plumbed in.
  • Steam turret and all associated valves overhauled and fitted.

  • Cab roof has been lined, cab has been painted and fitted, and fit-out, which includes items like handrails, doors, windows and ventilators, is in progress.

  • The coal bunker access doors from the cab have been made and fitted.

  • The water tank and coal bunker have been sanded back and painted black.

  • The dome cover has been recovered from storage ready for preparation and painting.
  • The sandboxes are ready for final painting and fitting.

  • Cab doors have been made by the carpenters in the carriage workshop, who are now working on the timber decking which surrounds the filler on top of the leading tank.
  • Wooden seat bases have been made and sent for upholstery.

  • The brake pull-rods, which join the brake shafts on the boiler cradle to the brake beams on the engine units, have been manufactured and fitted, complete with turnbuckles for brake adjustment.

  • The handbrake shaft has been completed and fitted.
  • The project team have embarked on the task of compiling documentation needed to obtain approval for the Notification of Change from ONRSR (Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator).