As the design and manufacture stage of the project is virtually complete, and the workshop staff complete the finishing touches, here’s what we’ve been up to since last time:

  • The original steel dome cover has been straightened, filled, sanded, filled & sanded again, and finally primed and painted. It now awaits fitting.

  • The covers for the leading and hind engine unit mechanical lubricators have been overhauled and installed; the engraved brass pipe identification plates have also been fitted, showing which feed goes to where.

  • The timber cab floor has been manufactured and fitted by the carpenters. This followed final clearance trials of the hind unit inner pony truck to the under-cab steam pipes.

  • Boiler has passed its hydraulic test with new regulator valve and standpipe fitted. Operating gear for damper, ashpan slides & rocking grate and blowdown valve are all complete and installed.

  • Removable brick arch formers have been fabricated and the concrete arch has been cast in situ.

  • Valve setting has been completed; clearance trials (see above) can be conducted when complete.

  • Headlamps are painted and installed, ready for wiring up to take place.

  • Electrical conduit has been mounted, cab lights fitted and the cables has been run, with final connections and testing left to complete.

  • Preparation of the necessary maintenance and operating manuals, required for training, continues.