With the ever-diminishing availability of external engineering or rail workshops to provide PBR services, it was decided and approved that the PBR Workshops should tool up for future wheel operations. The result was the procurement of an ex-NSWGR IEL-STEELWELD 400-ton horizontal wheel press.

This handsome example of rail-specific equipment measures in at 5.5m x 1.4m x 2.1m tall, approximately 9.5 tonne in weight. The power pack contains a 7.5 hp motor and can press all manner of wheels, axles and pins, to 400 ton in resistive force. Transport and logics from the machinery agents, Maxon Machinery Co, Newcastle NSW, was expertly arranged by Robert Reed and Andrew Nolte, with considerable savings made thanks to heavy discounts afforded to us for our rail heritage work.