As we continue moving towards the pointy end of the project, a lot of parts and assemblies, previously manufactured, serviced or restored, are finding their way onto the something which now distinctly resembles an NG/G16 class Garratt!

  • The boiler cladding is now complete, attached and painted. All the pockets which fit around washout plugs and transverse stay heads have also been painted and fitted.

  • The smokebox internal platework is complete and has been painted. The Lempor blast pipe has been mounted onto the table plate, and internal piping continues.

  • Smokebox front plate has been trial fitted, an additional ring has been added for improved door sealing, and the door has been refurbished and modified to suit.

  • Laser cut steel for manufacture of the removable spark arrestor grids is on hand; we’re just awaiting delivery of the mesh in order to make the grid inserts.

  • Boiler backhead cladding is complete; water gauges and other fittings have been installed.

  • Drivers automatic and independent brake valves have been positioned, and mountings fabricated to retain them.

  • Triple valve and most associated air brake pipework complete.

  • The Westinghouse air compressor refurbishment is complete, the compressor has been tested and is now mounted on the smokebox with most pipework connected. Awaiting delivery of pneumatic lubricator.

  • Steam turret and all associated valves have been overhauled, assembled and the whole assembly fitted to the boiler. The boiler vent valve ,safety valves and clack box have also been mounted on the boiler.

  • Manufactured off-site and now delivered, the cab has been mounted to boiler cradle following some modifications to gain the required clearances.

  • Steam valve backing plate, valve spindles and handles have all been overhauled and trial-fitted. The backing plate is cast, with the labels for the valves being integral. New lettering is being cast and will be let into the plate to account for the re-allocation of valves such as the vacuum ejector now controlling the Westinghouse air compressor.

  • Both injectors, water feedwell, and associated steam and boiler feed pipes have been either overhauled or manufactured and fitted.

  • Injector water control valve linkage has been fabricated and trial fitted. Additional in-line injector steam ball valves have been installed.

  • A number of rivets missed during design and manufacture of the tanks have been welded in place ready for painting.

  • Blowdown valve has been fitted and the control linkage overhauled and assembles onto the cradle.

  • Custom designed auto-coupler bodies have been cast and heat treated, and the coupler release handles are complete and attached to the headstocks.

  • Slide bar oil pot patterns are complete, casting carried out and both these and the crosshead pots have been mounted following completion.