Following a ‘D’ exam and re-wheeling of the engine units, G42 is reassembled for return to traffic. Above, the boiler cradle is lifted from its maintenance stands using the 2 overhead cranes and traversed to the workshops center road where the two engine units are waiting.
Below, the boiler cradle is lowered towards the front unit, ensuring the pivot centers line up.

Under supervision and direction of the workshop foreman Tony, the boiler cradle is married with the front engine unit.
Once in position, the rear engine unit is shunted into the correct position, and, as it is lowered into place, Zac the workshop apprentice couples the upper and lower halves of the speedometer drive (below).

With the loco reassembled and all the pipework reconnected, G42 is shunted into the yard and a warming fire lit in preparation for steam testing.