Two firsts in one for the blog; not only does it feature our first video, but also the first opportunity to feature Puffing Billy’s carriage workshops at Emerald.

Shot using time lapse, the video shows the recent respraying of the railways smallest main line diesel locomotive, known as NRT1 (Narrow-gauge Rail Tractor 1). Seen above, resplendent in it’s new livery, NRT1 goes about its day job of shunter for the carriage workshops.

In the video, Emerald Carriage shops leading hand Murray supervises as lineside attractions manager David applies the paint.

NRT1 is a Ruston & Hornsby diesel locomotive, built in England in 1951 to a gauge of 3 feet, and was initially employed by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. It was later re-gauged to 2′ 6″ and ended it’s working life in 1977 when it was transferred to Puffing Billy.

This type of locomotive was popular in many industrial locations, with their unique clutch-less 3 speed gearbox meaning the driver could control them whilst walking alongside, a bonus when shunting. Adjustable tie rods meant than as the axles moved on the springs, they followed the radius of the drive chains, reducing the chances of chain snatch.

For more information on the unique features of Ruston & Hornsby locomotives, have a look at the website of the Moseley Railway Trust.