Hugh Markwick and the workshop volunteer team have now completed work on the restoration of 216 NQR. Above, 2 of the team pose in the sun at Emerald with the finished wagon.

The bodywork, drop doors, drawgear and fitting up of the air brake pipework all took place in the Belgrave workshop.

Once complete,  the wagon was transferred to the Emerald car shops where it was lifted for an undergear exam, after which it was passed for traffic.

After a final coat of paint, sign writer Colin Campbell visited Emerald to apply the finishing touches; historically accurate Victorian Railways style numbering and lettering, and a fantastic job he made of it.

The above series of photographs show the process of marking out, prior to applying the lettering.

The following video shows Colin applying the final layer of paint, all by hand – No stencils here!

216 NQR has been out and about recently, helping share the load on wood collection trains, and is a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the Rolling Stock branch volunteer team, and the staff who helped out along the way…..a job well done!