216 NQR, in it’s current form, was recently deemed to have reached the end of its working life. Originally flagged for restoration, we found the condition of the underframe to be far more serious than first thought, and way beyond that of economic repair.
The photographs below show the condition of some parts of the underframe, following removal of the side panels and floor.

With a shortage of open goods wagons for collecting and storing firewood for locomotive use, as well as their myriad of other uses, the decision was made to build a complete new underframe for 216, in order to return it to trafficable condition.

With a complete set of drawings available, steel was ordered, and a start made. Above and below, the photographs show the main frame fabrication tack welded together prior to full welding all the joints.
All the components from the old frame are being recovered for reuse, especially castings and brackets which are still in good shape.