Note: The schedule below gives the details of the day’s activities of the guest driver on the Footplate Experience Course. The actual schedule on specific days may vary slightly from that given below depending on the scheduling of other trains on the day.

7.00am Loco crew and guest driver ‘sign-on’ at the Emerald loco depot. The guest driver is given a site safety briefing and informed of the activities for the day.
7.10am Guest driver receives an introduction to locomotive 861 from the driver and then assists the fireman with the preparations.
7.30am Guest driver receives instruction from the driver, on the operation of the locomotive.
8.00am Guest driver assists the driver and fireman with lubrication of the locomotive and the continued raising of steam.
8.30am Guard signs-on and opens Emerald as a Staff Station for the day.
9.00am Depart loco depot and perform familiarisation runs up and down the Emerald yard. Marshal the train as required, in No 1 Road.
9.15am Emerald Departure.
9.30am Lakeside Arrival – Take water and inspect loco.
9.45am Lakeside Departure.
10.10am Cockatoo Arrival – Inspect loco, take water and run around train via No.2 road. Shunt at Up end of yard to re-marshal train for Up journey.
10.45am Cockatoo Departure.
11.05am Lakeside Arrival. Guest driver train is shunted into Down end siding. Inspect loco.
11.30am Lakeside passenger train arrives. Loco off Lakeside passenger train runs around.
12.08pm Gembrook passenger train arrives.
12.20pm Gembrook passenger train departs. Guest driver train is shunted to Down end of No.2 road and takes water.

Have lunch.

12.30pm Belgrave Passenger Train Departs. Guest Driver Loco Runs around via No. 1 road and re-marshals.
12.40pm Lakeside Departure.
12.55pm Cockatoo Arrival. Inspect loco. Run around train via No.2 road. Shunt at Up end of yard to re-marshal train for Up journey.
1.30pm Cockatoo Departure.
1.50pm Lakeside Arrival into No. 1 road and take water at the Up end standpipe. Inspect loco.
Cross the Luncheon Special (departs at 2.20pm).
Have afternoon tea.
2.00pm Lakeside Departure.
2.20pm Emerald Arrival into No.2 road. Wait for Lakeside passenger train to arrive and depart. Shunt train to sidings. Proceed to loco shed and take water. Drop the fire and clean loco before moving it into the shed. Inspect loco.
4.00pm Sign-off duty.