Race Day Information

Great Train Race Day Information

Race Day Parking and Public Transport

We strongly recommend arriving to the Start Line in Belgrave by Metro Trains, as Belgrave Township has limited parking.
More information about transport and parking in Belgrave and Emerald is available here.

Start Line Information

Please refer also to the ‘Information to Runners’ flyer provided in your race pack.

Luggage: BYO bag and participants are to attach their luggage tag (available from the perforated edge on the Race Bib).

To ensure your bag will find you at the Finish Line, please place it in the Luggage Van by 9:15am.
Runners will need to show their Race Bib to match and receive their bag at the Finish Line.

Organisers will not be held responsible for the contents of runners bags, it is suggested runners pack lightly with essential items. Please turn off your mobile before placing it in your bag.

Warm Up: Runners can warm up in Bayview Road, behind the Assembly Point.
Belgrave-Gembrook Rd is not an open space for warm ups.

Start Process:  Be early and dressed ready to run, with your Race Bib affixed to the front of your body. Seeding groups will begin at 9:15am. A seeded start ensures a safer start by having the faster runners at the front. Seeded groups are defined by the colour on race bibs.

RFID (via your Race Bib) is used from the moment runner’s step over the pads at the Start Line.

The Great Train Race starts at 9:30am – Sunday 30 April 2017 from Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Belgrave.

All runners flow over the start line after the start gun is released at 9:30am.

Start Safety: Please ensure you start in the correct seeded group to ensure runner safety. Runners in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th groups please refrain from moving to the front of the Start Line  and allow access for the 1st seeded group runners.
Watch out for anyone who does fall to avoid further accidents.

Keep to the left hand side of the road to allow faster runners to pass safely.

No dogs, cyclists, prams, roller or in-line skaters will be permitted to take part or accompany the run.

Please note the route conditions and noted hazards.

NB: All runners have the same start time – regardless of allocated seeded group or elected Race Train competitor.

Cut Off Points

5 designated course timing points have been implemented to minimise the disruption to local traffic.

Runners need to reach these specific points by certain times to continue in the Great Train Race:

1.            By 10am – Corner of Selby Aura Rd and Belgrave Gembrook Rd, Selby – at the 2.8 km mark;

2.            By 10:30am – Corner of Selby Aura Rd and School Rd, Menzies Creek – at the 6.5 km mark;

3.            By 11am – Emerald Rail Crossing on Belgrave Gembrook Rd – at the 10.5 km mark;

4.            By 11:15am – Crichton Rd, Emerald – at the 11.5 km mark;

5.            By 11:30am – Finish Line, Emerald Lake Park (120 minutes after the race start).

A ‘Tail-end Charlie bus will be collecting runners at these points and recording bib numbers.

*Should you wish to complete the course, you do so at your own risk as the public roads will re-open shortly after the Tail-End Charlie bus goes through the course.

Finish Line Information

The final 500m of the race route will be as per 2016, where runners will follow the track and travel across Lake Nobelius before heading towards the Finish Line.

With RFID timing, simply step over the Finish Line wearing your Race Bib to have your time recorded.

Once you cross the Finish Line please continue by walking up the set of stairs to obtain your water, sports drink, luggage and to check the random prize board.

Returning to Belgrave (Start Line)

Your choice of transport back to Belgrave is included in the runner registration fee.

  • Puffing Billy: Whilst spectators are required to have pre-purchased a Race Day Puffing Billy Race Train ticket, Runners bibs are the Race Train tickets for competitors. Trains return from Lakeside (Emerald Lake Park) at the following times*:
    11:00am | 11:20am | 11:50am | 1:10pm | 3:30pm.
    Note: the last train arrives back to Belgrave Station at 4:20pm.
    Limited spaces are available; carriages fill on a first come first served basis.
  • Charter Bus: A fleet of charted buses will depart Emerald Lake for Belgrave from 11:00am – 12noon (approx.).