Race Route

Drink stands located at:
  • Race Start: Belgrave CFA Station – Bayview Road, Belgrave
  • 4km: Outside 12 Selby Aura Road – 12 Selby-Aura Road, Selby
  • 7km: Menzies Creek CFA Station – Menzies Creek
  • 10.2km: Emerald Railyard – Puffing Billy Station, Emerald
  • 13.5km: Race Finish: Lakeside Station, Emerald Lake Park – Emerald Lake Road, Emerald

Download a copy of the Race Route Map Route Map

On-route toilets are located at:
  • Race Start: Bayview Road, Belgrave
  • 7km: Menzies Creek Station
  • 10.2km: Emerald Railway Station
  • 13.5km: Race Finish: Lakeside Station

Elevation Map of the Great Train Race Route

 – compliments of Cool Runnings website
Download a copy of the Elevation Map of the Race Route    VIEW

Emerald Lake Park Map

Indicating the final 750 metres of the Great Train Race route and access path to Charter Bus pickup point.

Cut off points

5 designated course timing points have been implemented to minimise the disruption to local traffic.

Runners need to reach these specific points by certain times to continue in the Great Train Race:

1.          By 10am – Corner of Selby Aura Rd and Belgrave Gembrook Rd, Selby – at the 2.8 km mark;

2.          By 10:30am – Corner of Selby Aura Rd and School Rd, Menzies Creek – at the 6.5 km mark;

3.          By 11am – Emerald Rail Crossing on Belgrave Gembrook Rd – at the 10.5 km mark;

4.          By 11:15am – Crichton Rd, Emerald – at the 11.5 km mark;

5.          By 11:30am – Finish Line, Emerald Lake Park (120 minutes after the race start).

A ‘Tail-End Charlie’ bus will be collecting runners at these points and recording bib numbers.

*Should you wish to complete the course, you do so at your own risk as the public roads will re-open shortly after the Tail-End Charlie bus goes through the course.