Children and Young People

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The Child Safe Policy

Puffing Billy Railway is committed to:

  • Creating and maintaining a child safe environment;
  • Promoting child safety; and
  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of children on Puffing Billy Railway premises or with whom Puffing Billy Railway has contact.

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The Child Safe Code of Conduct

The Child Safe Code of Conduct aims to protect children and reduce the opportunities for child abuse or harm to occur. It outlines appropriate standards of behaviour and provides guidance on how best to avoid and manage risky behaviours and situations. It is to be read in conjunction with Puffing Billy Railways’ Child Safe Policy, Child Safe Reporting and Response Procedures and relevant legislation.

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The Child Safe Reporting and Response Procedure

Puffing Billy Railway encourages the reporting of safety concerns and suspicions and allegations of child abuse. Anyone who raises a concern or makes an allegation should feel confident, comfortable and supported in doing so. All children who raise a concern should be listened to and taken seriously.

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For the kids

Speak up - it's your right.

Victoria's Child Safe Standards are designed to keep you safe.

What they mean for you;

  • You can expect to be safe and to feel safe, wherever you go and whatever you do.
  • You can expect that adults that work with you know how to keep you safe.
  • You can tell an adult if you don’t feel safe and they have to help you.


We would love to hear from you, please take the time to give us your feedback on your day out at Puffing Billy Railway.

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For the parents/carers

Our Children, Our Focus, Our Future, Speak up!

As a parent, you are frequently choosing activities, services or programs for your child. To be confident your child is welcome and safe when attending Puffing Billy Railway, you need to think about a range of issues.

Ask questions and speak up – please ask how the Railway meets child safety standard requirements – it’s your right.

Talk to and listen to your child – how a child experiences the world is different from adults. It is only through the eyes of your child that you can gain a sense of how safe the Railway feels to them.

We would love to hear from you, please take the time to give us your feedback on your and your child’s day out at Puffing Billy Railway or press this feedback button:

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If you suspect criminal child abuse, or if a child is in immediate danger, please contact Victoria Police on 000


the Department of Health and Human Services on 1300 650 172 as soon as possible.

If you have any Child Safe concerns while at the Railway please call
Child Safe Ambassador – Human Services Manager on 03 9757 0715.