Track Patrollers

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Our Track Patrollers inspect the rail corridor and the components of the track at the start of each day on a series of self-propelled trollies.

This ensures that the track is clear of obstructions and defects, and is safe for Puffing Billy’s departure.

Our Track Patrollers are given in-house training for driving the rail mounted trollies. Safe chainsaw operation and track component identification knowledge assists with their role.

They are the first to travel along our track each day to check for track defects or faults, and to remove any obstructions along our rail.

Our Track Patrollers are the lucky ones to see the full length of our rail corridor in its full glory each day – so if you are an early riser and think that this is the role for you, why not ask our Volunteer Services Team about this volunteering opportunity on 03 9757 0715.