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*** Entry level position

International passengers on the train with conductor
Conductor waving to the passengers

If your interest is working with the public and in the heritage carriages of our railway, where you can help passengers and contribute to their journey, then why not try your hand at becoming a Conductor.

Our Conductors and Head Conductors are the welcoming face of the railway; checking tickets, assisting in finding a seat on the train, travelling with the passengers to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable experience. Our more experienced staff reserve carriages for tour groups and collect fares if required.

If you have a happy, friendly, welcoming way and enjoy talking to people from here and afar - why not join our troupe of Conductors to add to the Puffing Billy passenger experience – just ask our friendly Volunteer Services Team for more information on 03 9757 0715.

Conductors with a family on Puffing Billy
Conductor giving a passenger their ticket