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The NA Class of locomotive were originally referred to as ‘narrow gauge’. This was later abbreviated to NA Class.

Different community locations had nicknames for the NA Class locomotive during their working lives, those known are:-

  • Wangaratta to Whitfield line: Polly or Old Polly
  • Upper Ferntree Gully to Gembrook line: Hissin’ Jinnies
  • Moe to Walhalla line: Coffee Pot

Some of these names were transferred to the other lines, possibly due to the transfer of staff.

All the surviving NA Class locomotives have operated on all four of the Victorian Railways narrow gauge lines during their working careers. They were transferred from line to line as they were required. Only one loco (no longer in existence) stayed on the one line.

All the surviving NA Class locomotives were altered from chopper couplings to MCB auto couplings during the period between 1926 and 1929.

Today, only six of the original seventeen NAs remain, the others having been cut up for scrap metal.


Locomotive NA 3A

Locomotive 6A

Puffing Billy Locomotive 6APhoto by Michael Greenhill


Locomotive 7A

Puffing Billy Locomotive 7APhoto by Michael Greenhill

Locomotive 8A

Puffing Billy Locomotive 8APhoto by Michael Greenhill

Locomotive 12A

Puffing Billy Locomotive 12APhoto by Michael Greenhill

Locomotive 14A

Puffing Billy Locomotive 14A


No. originally constructed:17

No. in service: 5 (Nosa. 6, 7, 8, 12, 14)

No. stored:1 (No. 3)

Boiler pressure: (lb/sq. in) 180

Boiler heating surface: 524 sq ft

Tractive effort (85%) : 12,170 lbs. (80%)

Driving wheel diameter: 36"


Max axle load: 9t 9c 2q

Length Overall: 30' 10"

Height Overall: 10' 10"

Date of manufacture:  1898-1915

Manufacturer:  Baldwin (1-2)   V.R. (3-17)

Place of manufacture:  Philadelphia USA (1-2) Newport (3-17)


Locomotive Type: Prairie

Coal capacity: 30 cwt

Cylinder diameter: 13"

Cylinder stroke: 18"

Wheel arrangement: 2-6-2T

Roadworthy weight: 35 t

Water capacity: 780 gal