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The narrow-gauge rolling stock classification system is based on the Victorian Railways broad-gauge classifications.

With the prefix letter N to indicate a narrow-gauge car, each class of vehicle originally had code letters similar to its counterpart on the broad-gauge, and all having bogies, most were double-letter identified, e.g. NBB, NABAB, NUU, NMM, etc. The double-letter classification was dropped with the general simplification of V.R. passenger car coding in 1910.

The letters following the N prefix refer to the vehicle's use and type. e.g. A was used to indicate first-class passenger accommodation, B was used to indicate second-class passenger accommodation and C was used to indicate Guard's Van/Brake Van.

Numbers started at 1 for each class of vehicle and progressed in numerical order.

Based on this, the following are the rolling stock classifications and numbering:

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Rolling Stock Classifications and Numbering

NAB COMBINED FIRST-CLASS AND SECOND-CLASS PASSENGER CAR. Four were built during 1906-1909, numbered 1-4.


Post-Preservation Classifications

Due to the temporary nature of the guard's compartment, this vehicle retains its number in the NB numbering sequence, but is classed NAC to differentiate i